Reflection on Amal Totkay

When we start to think on a word “totka” we think of self-made shortcuts or instant solutions to make our life better or to overcome a difficult situation. But I think “Amal Totkay” will help us to develop a growth mindset.

“You yourself have to change first, or nothing will change for you!”

When i was doing my online course i find these 5 tips for developing a growth mindset and following are tips:

1: Self-talking

2: Get out of your comfort zone

3: Create new habits

4: Ask people for help

5: Fake it till you make it

Amal totkas are very beneficial for us. Having a positive mindset or having a growth mindset are not two different things you have to be optimistic while working into your growth mindset.

My favourite tip is ‘’Get out of your comfort zone’’. I think this is the most important tip I need to implement in my life. You can’t achieve anything without working on it. Getting out of your comfort zone is just like exploring your own selves. For one time you will feel awkward or whatever but taking a first step towards it will change your life as well.

The tip I started implemented in my life is getting out of comfort zone. On daily basis I interact with different people of my group I share my ideas they share their ideas .

For the development of a growth mindset, I can intermix some of the totkas together like positive talk to my own self like what are my short comings and how I can improve these. Second mix will be making new habits daily in order to overcome my short comings. In the end I will be with a productive outcome.