Energy is consistently in motion — and fortunately, you get the opportunity to choose the direction. Things being what they are, which will it be? Do you let yourself sink gradually into the quick sands of vulnerability, uncertainty, and fear, just to ensure the unavoidable outcome of your own disappointment? Or then again do you take the jump out of the haze and onto your upward way, anxious to grasp the winding street and discover that at each step, your heart and head will be there to point you toward your dream?

Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is…

Started my journey back in April 2021 and decided to join Amal Academy. To be honest I think that was my best decision so far in life. My beloved one who was an alumni of Amal used to talk a lot about Amal. He was like an insane and super fan of Amal, and I used to think he is crazy but when I become a part of this journey, I have realized that he was right. Amal is something where you can change your whole life in a positive manner.

👆 upon a🕐 , there was a 🧍named peter.

🧍was not 😄 with his life because everyone used to 🗣️him a 🥴 .

one 🌄 ,🧍 decided🧐 to leave the place where he lived, he left his 🏡 and start 🚶 on the 🛣️.

After some 🕐 he 👀 a🧑‍💼 who was very 😃.

🧍was 🤔 to know ❓made him so 😄. So, he 🧍decided to 🗣️ to 🧑‍💼.

🧍 approached. 🧑‍💼and they both introduced themselves. His 🧑‍💼name was john. They both became 👬 soon and🧍 asked 🧑‍💼 about the reason behind 😃.

🧑‍💼 told 🧍 that he doesn’t 😏 about what 👥👥 say 🗣️about him. 🧍realized 🧐that he should also do this.

🧍 changed his. 🧠 and went back to place that he left. 🧍 worked 💪and. not 😏 about 👥👥 . He became 🤓🤵soon.

🧍 thanked his friend 🧑‍💼and lived 😃 ever after.

In the present COVID situation, I joined Amal Academy to prevent wasting time while doing online education. I had no idea that this journey would be so successful and beneficial to my career development in so many ways. Taking online sessions with nearly 40 members, including our honorable and most kind Project Manager, Ma’am Rabeea, and Project Advisor, Ma’am Mishal, in such a learning-friendly environment and participating in such incredible activities is beyond description.


I’ve been slow and sloppy since I started taking online classes. During the first shutdown in 2020, I wasted a lot of time. I was becoming…

“If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minutes.” -Crystal Paine

Being a student we all are dealing with the problem “PROCRASTINATION”. So, what is that? Procrastination is basically the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain time. The main reason of not completing our task on time perfectly is being unproductive.

So, I decided to follow the pomodoro technique. Pomodoro technique is a time management method introduced by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980’s. In this technique, a timer is used to break down work into intervals…

When we start to think on a word “totka” we think of self-made shortcuts or instant solutions to make our life better or to overcome a difficult situation. But I think “Amal Totkay” will help us to develop a growth mindset.

“You yourself have to change first, or nothing will change for you!”

When i was doing my online course i find these 5 tips for developing a growth mindset and following are tips:

1: Self-talking

2: Get out of your comfort zone

3: Create new habits

4: Ask people for help

5: Fake it till you make it


Every year we celebrate Ramadan and Eid, now because of lockdown everybody is going to stay at home and celebrate the Holy festivals. But the poor person is wondering how is he going to provide food to his children? How is he going to bring new clothes for Eid? Now many questions arise whose responsibility is this? Is this the responsibility of our government only? Do not we have any duties to them? Being an Islamic society we have. Helping the poor and the needy by giving charity is one of the virtuous act in Islam.

We can use the…

Setting GOALS is the first step in turning the invisible into THE VISIBLE.”


Having a smart goal is very necessary, By setting goals, we decide what we want to achieve, then we try to move systematically towards that goal. It provides you with a focus for your life.

If we don’t set goals in our life, life would be direction less. In the end, we can’t manage what we don’t measure and we can’t improve.

The goals that are specific, measurable, achievable and time bounded are SMART GOALS. It states the objective very clearly.

Warda Imran

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